Why Doesn’t Netflix Offer Live Events?

Streaming services like Netflix are increasingly becoming synonymous with quality content. Its CEO, Reed Hastings, recently defended the company’s lack of live sports programming. However, he went on to elaborate on the reasons it doesn’t carry such programming. Previously, he had referred to competition in the streaming industry as the main obstacle, but that has changed in recent months, with the company now securing exclusive NFL content


The company is trying to take advantage of this trend by expanding its children’s programming and approaching Steven Spielberg for original content. Unlike many streaming services, Netflix already produces original content. While offering sports may not produce immediate profits, offering such a service is an excellent marketing and branding exercise. Given that Esports and sports share many similarities, offering such content would be beneficial for Netflix. In the meantime, it would also help it increase its subscription base and draw more sports fans to its platform.

In addition to documentaries, Netflix has a deal with the developer of League of Legends, Riot Games. It has produced an acclaimed documentary series called 7 Days Out, which gave viewers a look behind the scenes of four NA LCS teams. Streaming live events, however, would be more difficult to do through the internet. It would also be more expensive for Netflix to acquire broadcast rights to broadcast sports events, despite its popularity.

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