What is the Best Way to Sell Your Gold?

Gold jewellery, coins or other valuables that they no longer require can be sold quickly for cash by selling them. But to get the best offer possible it is wise to do your research beforehand and best place to sell jewellery.

Selling gold to a reliable jewellery store is your best bet; they have the necessary machinery and experience to accurately assess its purity while paying quickly.


There can be many reasons for selling gold buyers Perth, from needing extra cash to simplifying your jewelry collection. But selling precious metals can be complicated: local pawn shops, jewellery stores and online sellers often promise fast cash for gold; it’s essential that you find a buyer with whom you can achieve maximum value from.

As soon as you’ve identified what gold pieces you own, the next step should be assessing them. Gold pieces are measured in terms of karats – this measures how much pure gold each item contains – for instance a piece of jewelry might be 18-karat, meaning 18 parts gold and six parts other metals make up its composition.

Next, it is essential that you are aware of the current market value for gold. Gold prices fluctuate daily; to achieve maximum returns from selling at times when demand for the metal is greatest. Most online gold buyers pay within 24-48 hours after receiving and appraising your items for sale.

Pawn Shops

If you own jewelry you no longer wear, such as gold necklaces, rings, or any other piece that doesn’t make the cut in terms of fashion trends, consider selling it for money to help declutter and create space in your jewelry box for new pieces.

When selling to a pawn shop, your pieces must first be appraised by them before receiving an offer based on the current spot price of gold. Although they offer you an amount based on this valuation method, this may differ from your karat rating since they subtract any gemstones present to calculate an estimate for overall weight of your item.

Visit multiple pawn shops to determine their offer on your items. Some will charge an appraisal, insurance and return shipping fee in order to cover overhead costs of running their business; more reputable firms tend to keep these fees reasonable so as to provide fair deals for everyone involved.

Local Jewelry Stores

If your jewelry piece is more valued for its design or historical importance than for its gold content, try selling it to a jeweller or specialty gold buyer who may offer better prices than pawn shops.

Another option for selling is selling online buyer, such as Abe Mor. Many of these companies provide pre-paid mailers so you can package up and send in your pieces safely for appraisal and payment – this process ensures a hassle-free transaction experience!

When selling gold to a pawn shop, always obtain multiple quotes to avoid obvious rip-offs or lowball offers. Also be sure to research the current spot price of gold before completing your sale; knowing how much one gram or ounce is worth will give an approximate idea of the value of your collection; this can be accomplished using either certified scales or online calculators.

Gold Buyers

Gold buyers can be an excellent way to sell pre-owned gold jewelry or coins at a fair price, although you should avoid buyers using high-pressure sales tactics or offering excessively low prices for your items.

Be wary when selling to a gold buyer; their business costs and expenses will affect what they can offer you as payment; therefore they won’t ever give 100% of what your gold is worth back.


Most online gold merchants operate at lower margins than brick-and-mortar businesses, which translates to better prices when selling your gold. Gold buyers that you select usually provide you with a prepaid mailer and insurance for shipment of your items; payment usually occurs within 24-48 hours after appraisal and receiving them back into inventory. It should be noted that some merchants may charge a small processing, appraisal and return shipping fee.

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