What is Cannabis OIL Extracted Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil extract has properties to treat many diseases, especially cancer. Collect the best CBD oil from Hanfpost CBD shop. Several therapeutic effects and studies are showing that cannabis oil is a cure. But now, Hanfpost CBD shop is still illegal. But in other countries, legalizing marijuana and promoting its use is intense. Let’s see what cannabis is. What are the benefits below?

How many types of Cannabis Extracted Hemp Oil are there?

  1. CBD (cannabinoids), cannabidiol, or before mentioned (CBD) oil does not produce the same feeling of euphoria in cannabis caused by another compound called THC.
  2. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) oil has properties that make you feel happy. Therefore, it is often classified as a drug.

Cannabis contains 12% THC and less than 0.30% CBD.

What is Marijuana?

The cannabis plant (Cannabis or Marijuana or Marihuana) is a species of the family Cannabidaceae. A flowering plant Originated in Central and South Asia, and it has rounded, lobed leaves, deeply multi-lobed, green flowers, and male and female inflorescences on different plants. The dried female leaves and inflorescences used for smoking have intoxicating properties. The bark of the trunk is used to make hemp rope and weaving.

How many types of cannabis are there?

1. Cannabis sativa

  1. The hemp plant (Hemp scientific name Cannabis Sativa L. Subsp. Sativa) has stems more than 2 meters tall, internodes, or joints. Less branching and branching in the same direction. The peel is sticky and easy to peel. Provides high-quality long fibers The leaf plates are yellowish green. The leaves have about 7-9 lobes, and the arrangement of the leaves is quite far apart. When flowering, there is not much rubber on the inflorescence. The seeds are large and somewhat stripped. Coarse seed surface The leaves are smoked with a slight aroma. Cause headache users contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than 0.3%. The distance between plants is narrow. Because it is grown for the need of fiber alone, it can be extracted. Hemp Oil can also be used to make medicines but is lighter than cannabis. To get CBD products legally, contact with legal CBD shop.

2. Cannabis indica hemp plant  

cannabis plant The general characteristics are the stem about 2-5 meters tall, the cotyledon leaves when mature, the stem is about 2-4 feet tall, the leaves are divided into lobes, about 5-8 lobes, look like cassava leaves at the edge of every leaf will have a mark. Wavy, Flowering in a small bouquet according to the prongs of branches and stalks. People consume the branches, stems, leaves, and tops of cannabis inflorescences by bringing to dry or grinding or cutting them into a coarse powder. Then stuffed with smoked cigarettes. (Different from regular cigarettes, the nibs are green. Unlike the brown tobacco fillings. and at the point of smoking, it smells like burning hay), or it may be smoked with a camera or a marijuana bong. Some are used to chew or mix into food. Currently found forms of cannabis In addition to being found in the form of fresh cannabis, Dried cannabis is then pressed into cubes. It may also be found in Hemp oil (Hashish Oil), a dark brown or black liquid. It is obtained by taking cannabis through several extraction processes, resulting in cannabis oil with a high content of psychoactive substances. 20-60%, or maybe found as “marijuana rubber” (Hashish), is a dried rubber obtained from the leaves. And the tops of cannabis inflorescences, which is generally more potent than fresh cannabis, And several psychoactive substances can be extracted. CBD Oil and THC Oil can be used to treat many types of diseases.

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