The Basics of State of Origin Game: Understanding the Formats and Rules


State of Origin “Origin” is an annual three-match series played between the two powerhouse Rugby League states New South Wales (Blues) and Queensland (Maroons). It is one of the marquee events of the League season and attracts a worldwide TV audience and big crowds. The 2023 Origin series promises to be a tight contest between two evenly matched-teams.

What is the State of Origin?

The increased player payments by NSWRL in the late 1970s saw a number of big-name Queensland-born and bred players head South in search of greater pay and fame. This led to a number of one-sided representative matches where NSW would dominate Queensland and win by big margins, with the star Queenslander playing for NSW as that was where their club was based.

The State of Origin concept was devised to combat this. Rather than players representing the state the player was CURRENTLY playing in, players were now selected on the basis of their HOME state.

State of Origin Formats

The first State of Origin match was played in 1980 and the concept was an immediate success with Queensland legend Arthur Beetson leading his team to an upset win. The first series was played in 1982 with the three-match format continuing until now. After a couple of drawn series results, golden point was introduced in 2004 to break any deadlocks. As of the end of 2022, Queensland currently leads NSW 25 to 16 with two drawn series.

State of Origin Rules

State of Origin matches are played and officiated under the control of the NRL. The Rules are the same as other Rugby League matches including a video ref. Matches are played with 13 players on the field with a further 4 substitutes and 2 reserve players.

Types of State of Origin Bets

There are a number of betting markets available for the State of Origin betting Series. Will the Blues or Maroons win? Place a Head-to-Head bet and if the team you choose wins, so do you! Line Betting is a bet on the match’s outcome based on how the experts have handicapped the game while Points Over/Under bets are great for bettors with an understanding of how the game will be played.

Future Bets, Same Game Multis and Prop bets are a great way to enjoy a bet on Origin with a chance of a big collection for a small outlay. Markets include first-try scorer, correct series score and man of the match.

 Tips for Successful State of Origin Betting

A bet on State of Origin is very popular and provides some great betting opportunities with more betting markets available than a standard NRL match. Since the concept’s inception, the maroons have continued to surprise their bigger neighbours and upsets have been common. Some players thrive in the high-pressure environment while others struggle to adjust to the fast tempo.

From a betting perspective, it is prudent to study the original form of the players before placing a bet. Below are two examples of players who have excelled in recent Origin matches. It would be smart to look at them when placing prop bets:

  1. Latrell Mitchell (NSW) has scored four tries in his last three Origin games
  2. Ben Hunt (QLD) has scored three tries in his last four Origin games


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