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Who doesn’t know Babar Azam? He has become the most prominent player not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. Veteran cricketers as well as current players endorse Babar’s batting. With a natural style, the Maestro has earned a special name in the cricket fraternity. Even Indian fans support Babar for his exemplary cricket shots.

What Makes Babar Azam Unique and Special?

Many players, such as Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Steve Smith, and Joe Root, stay in the headlines in one way or another. However, Babar outranks them on various points. First of all, Babar Azam has only 8 years of experience. Yet he has managed to retain his classic form in all three formats of the game.

Secondly, Babar plays quietly without rushing to the end of the game. As well as pulling runs on batting tracks, he stands rock solid even in bowler-favorable conditions. There have been many situations when Babar took the bull by the horns and stayed till the end of the match. By doing so, he either ended a lost test match in a draw or grabbed victories in ODIs, T20s, and tests for his team.

Babar Azam Stats

Babar has played only 47 test matches but scored 3696 runs in 85 innings. His average of 48.6 has earned him a place in the elite group of people with experience. His highest score is 196. On top of that, he has 9 hundreds and 26 fifties to his name. No other player with as little experience carries so many records in Test cricket.

Now let’s get to his ODI figures. Babar Azam has appeared in 100 ODI matches. With an impeccable average of 59.1, he scored 5089 Runs in 50-over matches. His highest score stands at 158. Plus, he has made 18 centuries and 26 fifties with a strike rate of 89.24.

The beauty of Babar Azam’s batting is that he scores runs as per the playing conditions. In 104 T20 matches, Babar piled up 3485 runs with an average of 41.48. He has scored three centuries and 30 fifties, and his best score stands at 122. All these figures are enough to prove his contribution in the last 8 years of his career.

Babar Azam News

Whether it’s cricket or private life, people love to know more about this Pakistani batting sensation. His friends and family members consider Babar Azam a quiet and happy person. He doesn’t make too many public appearances and avoids controversies.

As far as his professional life is concerned, the cricket fraternity endorses him as one of the best batsmen of the decade. This point is proved by his current form. Many cricket experts believe that Babar Azam is likely to break most of the batting records of all time.

Closing Thoughts

Babar Azam has taken Pakistani cricket to new heights in T20Is, test matches, and ODI games. The truth is that the success of the Pakistan team lies in Babar’s form and batting. It would come as no surprise if he broke most of the batting records and surpassed his rivals in the future.

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